Business Chinese Classes in Shanghai

Doing business in China without the relevant Mandarin knowledge can be quite a challenge.

LTL Business Chinese classes in Shanghai allow you to focus on learning the vocabulary and grammar you need in your daily work life.

From basic office conversations to advanced business negotiations and cultural insights, we offer tailor-made business Chinese courses for all levels.

Andrew and Tony 1 on 1 Business Chinese class in Shanghai

  • Classes focused on Business Chinese
  • All levels, beginner to advanced
  • Flexible 1-on-1 classes
  • Certified and specially-trained teachers
  • Study at our school, your home or your office

As with all LTL programs, we start with a personal assessment of your language abilities and study goals, and use that to create a personal study plan for you.

  • Business Chinese Shanghai

    Business Chinese Shanghai

    Learn the Chinese you need: Business, office and commercial Mandarin

    Beginner Levels: Start learning basic Mandarin with a business focus

    Advanced Levels: Take your career in China to the next level

  • The LTL Business Chinese Tutors

    The LTL Business Chinese Tutors

    Experienced: Our tutors have years of experience

    Certified: All LTL teachers are fully-certified to degree level

    Intensive Study: Private classes for maximum progress

  • Convenient Classes

    Convenient Classes

    Flexible Class Times: Study in the mornings, evenings or at weekends

    Flexible Locations: Study at our school or ask the teacher to come to you

    Tailor Made Course: Get a study plan specific to your needs

  • LTL Mandarin School

    LTL Mandarin School

    International Management: Founded and run by foreigners

    Fully-accredited: By the Chinese, German and Swedish governments

    Personal service: Your Student Advisor is always on hand for support

Business Chinese Shanghai – Prices

Please see the following table for 1-on-1 class prices:

Number of Hours Price in CNY
>150 132
101-150 139
51-100 143
25-50 152

All classes are taught 1-on-1. No hidden fees: no surcharges for classes in the mornings, evenings or weekends. Study wherever you want: No transport charges for studying in your office/home/favorite coffee shop within anywhere of Line 1

Cancelations: Students can cancel up to 30% of their classes up to six hours before their class during working hours (9am to 6pm). If you need more flexibility than that, have a look at the LTL super flexible Chinese program.

What Our Students Say

Chris Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I studied Business Chinese for one year with LTL. Because I have to travel abroad a lot for work, it was great how supportive the staff was with scheduling. They were professional.”

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Valentina Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was doing individual classes I focused on business Chinese. Learning business Chinese is different from learning normal Chinese. My teacher, Kristen was very good at both!"

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Michael Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I’ve done a lot of business in China, but I want to expand. I thought I’d kick start my Chinese learning, take a month of classes and go hardcore, and at the same time be closer to my clients."

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Can I learn Business Chinese as a beginner?

Yes you can. We have a special course that starts teaching business Chinese from day one. Of course, classes also cover a lot of general aspects of Chinese like pronunciation, tones and grammar that are not directly related to business – but these are necessary to be able to start speaking. You’ll find that all dialogues and example sentences are built around the work environment, such as greeting a business partner, asking for help in the office etc.

How long will it take me to be able to speak Chinese for business purposes?

How long it takes to learn Chinese up to a level where you can do business negotiations in Mandarin depends very much on how you study it. One very important factor is that for Chinese, shorter and more intensive courses work better than longer and less intensive ones.

The reason for this is that when you have longer breaks between classes the probability that you’ll forget what you learned is much higher. We have had students who made it from zero to HSK 5 within two years, whilst running an international company and being on business trips almost every second week. Our advice is always to first define a target (where do you want to get to), identify your resources (time, motivation, budget), and then let us help you create a structured plan.

Can you issue Fapiaos?

Yes of course we can. However, because Chinese tax regulations are incredibly complex, annoying and sometimes simply do not make sense, we need to know that you want a Fapiao and to whom it should be issued to before you start your Mandarin course. Please note that in China Fapiaos can only be issued to Chinese companies with a Chinese name. However, a normal invoice and receipt can also be issued at a later point, to any entity you wish, including companies with names in languages other than Mandarin.

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