Chinese Classes in Shanghai

Learning Chinese in a small group is a great way to get quality teaching for a really attractive price. At LTL we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, since every student who comes to learn Chinese in Shanghai with us is different.

We therefore keep our groups small, with a maximum of six students per class and an average of three. That way everyone gets the chance to practice their pronunciation and ask questions – every lesson, every day. In such a tight-knit group you’re also sure to quickly build friendships with your fellow classmates.

Learning Chinese in Shanghai

  • Small Groups (max. six people)
  • Certified Teachers
  • Academic Curriculum
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Monthly Start Dates
  • Central Shanghai Location
  • Make Rapid Progress

    Make Rapid Progress

    Maximum 6 students per class: Each student gets individual attention

    Expert teachers: Our teachers have dedicated their careers to teaching Chinese

    Modern teaching methods: Lessons are centred around gaining fluency

    Start from your current level: Free language assessment and streamed classes

  • Experience Shanghai

    Experience Shanghai

    Historic area: Live and breathe beautiful Shanghai's history

    Location: Only five mins walk from the subway, shops and bars

    Live with locals: Stay in a homestay with a local Chinese family

    Expert guides: Let us introduce you to the city we call home

  • Get Value For Money

    Get Value For Money

    Get what you pay for: Each and every class is 55 minutes long, and no less

    No hidden fees: Even your textbook is included in the tuition price

    Learn more in less time: High-quality teaching = less time in the classroom

  • Become Part Of A Community

    Become Part Of A Community

    Diverse student body: Students of all ages and nationalities study together

    Daily Lunch Club: Every day we share food from a different local restaurant

    Weekly Social Calendar: Join us for a karaoke night or a weekend day trip

Chinese Course in Shanghai – Group

Already know some Mandarin Chinese? You can start on any Monday of the year.

Our Mandarin language programs are super flexible. You can sign up for classes for any length of time, whether you want to study for one week or one year.

We ask that complete beginners start their Chinese Small Group program on one of our beginners’ start dates, as listed below. Here are the beginners’ start dates for 2017 and 2018:

  • August 6, 2018
  • August 20, 2018
  • September 3, 2018
  • September 17, 2018
  • October 8, 2018
  • November 5, 2018
  • November 26, 2018
  • December 17, 2018

What’s it like studying Chinese in a group at LTL?

Learn Chinese in Shanghai – Pricing

Below are the tuition prices in Chinese Yuan (CNY) for some sample durations of the Standard and the Intensive LTL Small Group programs. All prices include your textbook and learning materials.

As you can see, the longer your course, the greater the discount on the base tuition price – up until 12 weeks, after which the minimum rate applies. For alternative durations and prices in other currencies, please contact us.

NUMBER OF WEEKS 1 2 4 8 12 13-52 wks
PERCENTAGE DISCOUNT 0% -4% -17% -24% -30% -30%
Small Group 20h / week
2,322 4,442 7,673 14,054 19,385 1,615 / wk
Small group 20h / week
+ 1-on-1  10h / week
4,644 8,885 15,346 28,108 38,769 3,231 / wk


What Our Students Say

Maggie Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

When I arrived in Shanghai I had no idea if I had set myself up for months of pain or an awesome experience. Luckily, it turned out to be the latter. The atmosphere at LTL made the culture shock much easier.

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Maggie Testimony for LTL

I am a recent college graduate from the USA. I did a 15 week intensive study program with LTL in all 3 cities. I did 5 weeks in each location, starting in Shanghai, then to Beijing, and ending my adventure in Chengde. I started from an absolute zero level and now I can use Chinese conversationally with my host family and in day to day life.

Maggie at the Great Wall

I am very glad to have found LTL, and that I chose to do the 3 city program. I found LTL on the Internet and decided to do all three cities because I wanted as many experiences as possible, and wanted to see more places in China. LTL is great for this because their staff give you insider information on the cities and recommendations on how and when to go to a site. They also organized trips to places I never would have found on my own, like a hike to a remote part of the Great Wall and the Shanghai Marriage Market.

When I arrived in Shanghai I had no idea if I had set myself up for months of pain or an awesome experience. Luckily, it turned out to be the latter, and the supportive, all inclusive atmosphere at LTL made adapting to the culture shock much easier. That and Shanghai’s international ties made getting around the city a great place to start to study Chinese. LTL Shanghai’s Alex and Fu Lala were so supportive. I never felt lost or alone despite being in a city of 24 million. The other students were wonderful, and we all commiserated on the daily 40℃ (104℉) weather. I took 4 hours of group classes and 2 hours of individual a day, so I not only had the opportunity to learn at my own pace, but also learned in a group which was often more fun and cooperative.

Friends in Shanghai

Five weeks flew by and I found myself taking the bullet train to Beijing and my new school. The summer was coming to an end and my classmates changed from college students to travelling professionals. Over the course of my trip, my classmates ranged from a 17 year old Spanish girl starting college that autumn to a 68 year old former German diplomat who had worked in the Beijing Embassy. I’m glad I chose to go to Beijing because, though Shanghai is amazing and looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, Beijing has all of the classic sights and so much history! My classes were once again excellent. Instead of hot weather, we commiserated about how crazy the subway was in the mornings.

Maggie and her classmates in Beijing.

Chengde was again a big change and a great experience. Chengde is different because there is no actual school location and all classes are individual. That being said, my homestay was great and I saw huge improvement in my Chinese. In my 5 weeks there I saw 3 other foreigners. It really is a true immersion, and after my first week I was tired using all Chinese all the time. But after a week I started to become comfortable. I would recommend Chengde to anyone looking to focus on their Chinese culture and language study, because the isolation forced me to stop using English speaking classmates and independently work on my Chinese.

All in all, I have had a great experience at LTL. I leave China with a new skill, friends from all over the world, and the ability to live and travel comfortably in one of the biggest, most influential countries in the world. Thank you LTL for an amazing language and cultural experience!

James Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I was doing small group classes. I was able to cover a lot of material in my short stay, learning new material in the morning and then applying and seeing how it was used in the afternoon.

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James Testimony for LTL

I was looking for a short term language program in Shanghai. I researched LTL as well as some other school. LTL had good reviews, and the starting date and location fit well with my needs.

James playing Jenga in Shanghai

James playing Jenga in Shanghai

Before doing my language course in Shanghai I traveled to Beijing on my own. I was concerned about getting lost, getting ripped off and so on, but none of that happened. By the time I arrived in Shanghai I was already more confident about moving about in China. Shanghai was more diverse and more developed than I expected.

I was doing small group classes. I was able to cover a lot of material in my short stay, learning new material in the morning and then applying and seeing how it was used in the afternoon. The latter part of the day was tougher because of this, but very rewarding. My teachers, Amanda and Gina were both very knowledgeable and patient with me even though I had some problems with reading and characters.

If I have the opportunity in the future, I would like to come back to LTL.

Joel Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My Small Group class was taught by two different teachers. Both were very good, and I really liked them. By their attitude and energy level, you can just tell they are passionate about it.

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Joel Testimony for LTL

I have been to China 5 time already before joining LTL. I like Shanghai, and wanted to come again to establish business contacts. I searched online for a language school, and came across LTL. The starting dates fit perfectly with my schedule. The website had a lot of information and it was obvious that LTL has existed for a number of years.

LTL Weekend trip to Suzhou

LTL Weekend trip to Suzhou

Airport pick-up went smooth. My accommodation which was a small room in a shared apartment was fine. It was in a great location and the building was a high rise which gave a great view of the city. I could even see the Pudong skyline. As it was a shared apartment with seven people in total there were some disagreements here and there but nothing major. I was happy that the room had its own AC unit and large windows, which was great. The apartment had a washing machine and a balcony which I appreciated.

As for classes, my Small Group class was taught by two different teachers. Both were very good, and I really liked them. By their attitude and energy level, you can just tell they are passionate about it. I loved learning with them, they really know how to encourage people. I can say nothing but great things.

I will continue learning Chinese back home, and I also already plan to come back to LTL again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Small Group for my level?

Small Group classes for complete beginners start at least once a month on the start dates listed above. If you’ve studied some Mandarin Chinese before, you’ll get a personal language assessment with our Director of Studies before your arrival. You’ll then be assigned to the appropriate group for your level so you are safe in the knowledge that when you come to Learn Chinese in Shanghai, you’ll be set!

How much Chinese will I learn?

The amount of progress you will make obviously depends on how hardworking you are, and how you choose to spend your time in Shanghai outside of the classroom. From experience, those who stay in an LTL homestay with a local family will gain oral fluency more quickly than those who live with other foreigners. As a general guideline, a student on the Small Group program could expect to reach at least HSK 2 level after 8 weeks, if not HSK 3. Coming to China to Learn Mandarin requires far more than just four hours of classroom study. You must try and make every effort to immerse yourself into Chinese culture, the language and everything that comes with the country.

How many students in a Chinese Class in Shanghai?

Our class sizes are never more than six students in a class, but actually the average is less than three students per class. We are huge believers in getting our students speaking. There’s no big lecture halls, no big class sizes – it’s incredibly intimate and this is part of the reason why our students learn Chinese in Shanghai so fast.

Are all your Chinese lessons in school?

Yes, all our group classes take place at our Chinese language school in Shanghai. You will receive a schedule from our staff showing you when you have classes. As a general rule of thumb, Mandarin classes in Shanghai run from 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm with an hour break for lunch at 12pm. This can vary slightly so be sure you know your schedule. Ask if if you are unsure.

I'm worried the level of students in the class will detriment my learning, can you re-assure me?

Sure we can. Remember, when you sign up you are placed in a group with students who also share your level. There is a complete level playing field here. Obviously when you start learning some learn quicker than others but the level never fluctuates too far. If you ever feel concerned with the level of Chinese you possess compared to your classmates please speak to us but you will always be set off at a level playing field.

Can I study Chinese in other cities with LTL?

You absolutely can! Why not experience other parts of China after all? Your options lie in Beijing and Chengde which are all polar opposites to Shanghai in many ways. Beijing is the capital and the heart of China. It oozes history and culture but has an impressive new modern side to it. Chengde then throws a complete curveball to the experience. Minute, in compared to Beijing and Shanghai yet a great place to learn Chinese, because no English is spoken there!

We are also delighted to offer you Taipei, the #1 city in Taiwan as our next destination. Technically not China, this is a fascinating place to visit and study Mandarin with LTL.

How can I apply?

Simply click here to contact a Student Advisor directly and we’ll be in touch quickly to get you sorted out!

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