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The ULTIMATE Chinese Crash Course teaches you the Mandarin survival skills you’ll need as you make your way around China and explore off the beaten track.

No homework, no boring grammar exercises, just full focus on the essentials. Have fun, learn quickly and get the most out of your trip through China.

These modular ‘Survival Chinese’ classes run every week throughout the year, from Monday to Friday 4pm to 6pm.

Our school is located in Shanghai’s Former French Concession, a short walk away from Shanghai’s most popular shopping and nightlife destinations.

The focus of each module is on what you need to know to not only get around in China, but also useful language for making local friends, ordering food and shopping. Each module costs $50 (300 RMB) but if you sign up for four modules, you’ll get the fifth one free!

LTL Shanghai || Escape Rooms
  • Flexible courses run every week all year
  • One day courses
  • 2 hours long
  • Every day from Mon to Fri, 4pm to 6pm
  • Split into distinct themed modules
  • Only 300 CNY (50$) per session
  • Join us for one session or the whole week

The module is a one day course, lasting for two hours. Each day is a stand alone class that can be booked for 50$ (300 CNY).

Monday: Eat!

Love spicy food, but not animal intestines? Then this module is for you. China has a wonderfully varied cuisine. But this variety can be intimidating as you are presented with untold choices.
Not every menu has pictures, and the little English that you can find on some menus is often machine translated, badly! The Monday Module will help you navigate the wonderful world of Chinese cuisine and save you from bad experiences.

Wednesday: Travel!

Hotels, trains, planes and how to find and book them. It’s one thing getting around Shanghai and Beijing, but what about all the amazing sights across the rest of the country?** This module will not only help you navigate buying and booking tickets, but also offer you advice on where to go and what to see**. As amazing as Beijing and Shanghai are, the rest of the country also has much to offer – from the Himalayan mountains in the West to Qingdao’s famous beaches and beer in the East.

Friday: Nightlife!

Drinks, romance and fun in Mandarin. Each Friday night Shanghai’s night life starts bustling for the weekend as people seek to unwind after a long working week. You will get to know where to go, how to order drinks, how to flirt and how to have a great time!

Tuesday: Shop!

Haggle, bargain and save money by speaking Mandarin. There are bargains to be had at the many markets, stalls, and shops dotted across Shanghai. But how to get the best price if you don’t speak Chinese? How can you even know what the best price is? Our Shopping module will teach you not only the language you’ll need, but also techniques for getting the best deal! Haggling is way more fun than shopping online!

Thursday: Friends!

How to chat and talk with Chinese locals. Travelling is of course more than just looking at famous buildings. To truly get the feeling for a place you should interact with the locals and partake in their culture and customs. Not only will you learn the most important expressions and words, but we will also teach you about culture and customs, and how not to offend the people you meet. After all, Chinese language is inseparable from Chinese culture. Come to China and we’ll help you make friends for life.

anthea and freind in shanghai

Where can you find us?

You can find us in the old French Concession right near South Shaanxi Road station which is right in the heart of Shanghai, perfect!

Our Location

LTL Mandarin School is located in the Old French Concession, the historic centrr of colonial Shanghai, 300m from the Shaanxi South St. Subway station.

It’s next to Huaihai Road, with the Yongkang and Donghulu bar streets just around the corner for a drink after class. Lines 1, 10 and 12 all go directly to Shaanxi South Street subway station, just two stops from Jing An Temple or People’s Square.

When is the Chinese Crash Course?

4pm to 6pm every week Monday to Friday. Each day consists of one specific module. Monday is “Eat”, Tuesday is “Shop” and so on.

Each module lasts for two hours (4pm to 6pm). All five modules are designed to be stand-alone. So depending on your preferences, you can study one, several or all five of them.

Remember, each module costs $50 (300 RMB), and if you book four modules, you’ll get the fifth for free!

CONTACT LTL || Phone us on (021) 33680866 or email us.

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