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Are you Learning Chinese and enjoy playing video games?

Have you considered combining these two passions? Chinese gaming might be the way to really enhance your Chinese skills.

#1 – Age of Empires in Chinese 
#2 – American Truck Simulator in Chinese
#3 – RV Golf Online in Chinese
#4 – Puzzle Poker in Chinese 
#5 – Detention in Chinese
#6 – Rise of the Tomb Raider in Chinese 
#7 – Rage in Peace in Chinese
#8 – Football Manager 2019 in Chinese 
#9 – Farm Manager 2019 in Chinese 
#10 – Cluedo Online in Chinese

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There are several benefits of video games such as improving co-ordination, problem-solving, memory and multi-tasking.

Maybe you can add one more benefit to that list. Speaking mandarin!

There is no reason your enjoyment for video games can’t be harnessed to enhance your Chinese abilities through Chinese gaming. If you’re looking for some story-driven adventures that will keep you entertained plus be testing your Chinese listening skills and Chinese reading skills.

Look no further than this list we’ve put together of the top 10 PC games to enhance your Chinese listening skills:

#1 Age of Empires 2 in Chinese

gaming to learn chinese

Age of Empires in Chinese

An oldie but a goldie.

Build your empire, destroy your enemies, learn the characters for wood, stone, gold and food. If you’re a child of the 90’s this should be your number one choice for Chinese gaming; thrilling adventures and a fun way to learn Chinese for free!

Chinese words you should know:

  • Food – 食物 shíwù
  • Wood – 木mù
  • Gold – 金 jīn
  • Stone – 石 shí

You might find some similarities to these 100 common Chinese Characters

#2 American Truck Simulator in Chinese

Chinese gaming

Truck Simulator in Chinese

Trying to learn directions in Chinese?

This game is perfect for you. You’ll have to listen carefully to your GPS system giving you directions in Mandarin.

All the while you’ll be delivering packages all across the United States.

Chinese words and Chinese phrases you should know:

  • Straight – 直走 Zhí zǒu
  • Left – 左 Zuǒ
  • Turn right – 右转 Yòu zhuǎn
  • Turn around – 掉头 Diào tóu

#3 RV Golf Online in Chinese

Golf in Chinese

Golf in Chinese

Want to learn golf in Chinese?

You’ll be able to really impress your Chinese colleagues with your Chinese golf terminology after playing RV golf in Chinese.

Chinese words and Chinese phrases you should know for playing golf are as follows:

  • Hole-in-one – 一杆进洞 yī gǎn jìn dòng
  • Green 绿色 lǜ sè
  • Putt – 推杆 tuī gǎn
  • Birdie – 小鸟 xiǎo niǎo

#4 Puzzle Poker in Chinese

Poker in Chinese

Poker in Chinese

Got a high stakes poker game in the hutong‘s this Friday night?

Might be helpful to know poker in Chinese. Check out puzzle poker in Chinese.

You’ll know how to raise, fold and lose all your money in no time!

Chinese words you should know:

  • Bet – 打赌 dǎdǔ
  • Raise – 提高 tígāo
  • Fold – 折 zhé
  • Check – 校验 jiào yàn

#5 Detention in Chinese

gaming to learn chinese

Detention in Chinese

Want to learn Chinese Characters while being scared half to death?

Perfect we’ve got the game for you. There’s no audio in the game, it’s all text based so you’ll have to keep a Chinese character dictionary or dictionary app close.

DID YOU KNOW – Detention is a horror game set in 1960s Taiwan under martial law.

It incorporated religious elements based in Taiwanese/Chinese culture and mythology.

Chinese words and Chinese phrases you should know:

  • Taiwan – 台湾 Táiwān
  • Horror – 恐怖 kǒngbù
  • Chinese culture – 中国文化 zhōngguó wénhuà
  • Chinese mythology – 中国神话 zhōngguó shénhuà

#6 Rise Of The Tomb Raider in Chinese

Chinese gaming

Tomb Raider in Chinese

Explore ancient worlds, battle a ruthless rogue organisation, practice your Chinese reading and Chinese listening skills. Sounds pretty good right?

Join Lara’s Journey in Mandarin in this action-packed game.

Fully supported in Chinese audio and subtitles.

Chinese words you should know:

  • Treasure – 宝藏 bǎozàng
  • Brawler – 争竞 zhēngjìng
  • Hunter – 猎人 lièrén
  • Survivor – 幸存者 xìngcún zhě

Like Lara Croft? Maybe you’ll enjoy reading our blog on Superheroes in Chinese.

#7 Rage In Peace In Chinese

Rage In Peace in Chinese

Rage In Peace in Chinese

In this game, you are Timmy a short cartoon character just trying to get through his day without getting his head cut off… Yes, you read that correctly.

The controls are simple enough but there’s no audio, all text. You’ll have to read in Chinese if you wish to keep up with the storyline.

Chinese words and Chinese phrases you should know:

  • Grim Reaper – 死神 sǐshén
  • Die – 死 sǐ
  • Traps – 陷阱 xiànjǐng
  • Pyjamas – 睡衣 shuìyī

#8 Football Manager 2019 in Chinese

Chinese gaming

Football Manager in Chinese

Love football and love learning mandarin?

Check out football manager 2019. It’s like playing fantasy football but you get to learn football vocabulary in Chinese at the same time.

Manage all your favourite players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in an unstoppable team while learning all about football in Chinese.

Chinese words and Chinese phrases you should know:

  • Football – 足球 zúqiú
  • Manager – 经理 jīnglǐ
  • Contract – 合同 hétóng
  • Players – 玩家 wánjiā

#9 Farm Manager 2019 in Chinese

gaming to learn chinese

Farm Manager in Chinese

Farm Manager is a real-time strategy game, ideal for your Chinese gaming needs.

You’ll be designing the layout of your farm, deciding what equipment to buy, what crops to grow and learning how to read Chinese characters at the same time!

This game has great graphics and can be played at your own pace. You’ll have all the animals in Chinese and plants in Chinese mastered after playing this game.

  • Tractor – 拖拉机 Tuōlājī
  • Crops – 作物 zuòwù
  • Livestock – 家畜 jiāchù
  • Barn – 谷仓 gǔ cāng

#10 Cluedo Online in Chinese

Chinese gaming

Cluedo in Chinese

The classic game of who done it?

While you’re wrapped up in the murder mystery you’ll incidentally be learning the names of rooms in Chinese and how to say “Colonel Mustard with the dagger”.

  • Candlestick – 檠 qíng
  • Knife – 刀 dāo
  • Rope – 绳 shéng
  • Revolver – 左轮手枪 zuǒlún shǒuqiāng


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of games in Chinese that will not only keep you entertained for hours but also enhance your Chinese speaking and Chinese reading.

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