Get your very own Chinese Tutor in Shanghai and get ahead fast with our tailored 1-on-1 Chinese classes.

Our teachers are all government-certified Mandarin teachers with many years of teaching experience.

No lessons just follow a text book. Whatever you want to learn, we teach you. Mandarin lessons are taught according to your individual needs and requirements.

We work around your busy schedule to make the learning Chinese process fun and not stressful.

Let us show you how much progress you can make with your Chinese, even whilst working full-time in Shanghai.

The key is a structured, organised and efficient study plan and of course, a professional Chinese tutor to accompany you on the journey.

  • Certified teachers
  • Flexible study times
  • Flexible location
  • Fair pricing: no hidden fees
  • Free LTL Online Chinese Kit
  • The LTL Quality Guarantee

Your Own Chinese Tutor in Shanghai

Certified: All teachers are certified Chinese professionals 
Personalized: Follow an individual study plan focused on you
Guarantee: If you are not happy after 3 hrs, classes will be free

Excellent Value

No Hidden Fees: No weekend, evening, or morning surcharges
No Transport Surcharges: Within Line 4 of the Shanghai MTR
Great Discounts: For buying more classes and paying on time
Free LTL Online Study Kit: Various discounts for the best apps

Flexible For You

Time: Study at any time Mon-Sun 8am to 10pm, at no extra cost
Not Only At School: We can also come to you
Cancel: Cancel up to 30%. 6 hours notice during working hours

A Brand You Can Trust

Relaxed: Modern class-rooms, air-con, free soft drinks & beer
Ideal Location: 300m to Shaanxi South St. station
Experienced: LTL Study Advisors will help you to learn Mandarin
Community: Join weekly school dinners & after class drinks

The LTL Quality Guarantee

Before you start with your Chinese Tutor in Shanghai, we will do an individual assessment with you to determine your language level and specific needs.

Based on this we will then match you with a suitable Chinese tutor and develop a personal study plan for you, before you have your first class.

This might sound trivial, but is important because a good Chinese class is not just a tutor turning up with a book.

It does (and it should) take a lot of effort on our part to prepare and organise in advance.

This effort is exactly why we need our students to also commit to our Chinese school before we start the process and why we do not offer free trial classes.

However, with the LTL Quality Guarantee we are promising you that our teaching quality is outstanding.

If you do not agree after 3 hours, then you owe us no money at all and the classes you took are completely free.

Where is LTL Shanghai?

No. 218 Xiangyang South Road.
Modern Mansion Building A, Floor 9, Room 910
徐汇区襄阳南路218号现代大厦 A座 910室
Tel: +86 (0) 21 3368 0866

Nearby metro station

Shaanxi South Road Station, Exit 7
Line 1 – Line 10 – Line 12


Private 1-on-1 Class

Class HoursPrice per hour
> 200162
120 – 200165
90 – 119182
60 – 89196
30 – 60209

2-on-1 Class

Class HoursPrice per hour
> 20097
120 – 20099
90 – 119109
60 – 89118
30 – 60125

All prices are in Chinese Yuan and per person. If you need information regarding Fapiaos please visit our Fapiao Information page.

At LTL there are no surcharges for weekend, morning or evening classes.

We also do not charge any teacher transport fees for Chinese classes taught anywhere on subway line 4. All students are welcome to attend our weekly social events free of charge and will also have access to our free LTL Online Chinese study kit.

Students follow a regular study plan depending on work and personal schedules. However, up to 30% of your lessons can be cancelled if we are notified six working hours before your class is due to begin.

It is also possible to fix the duration of a class to anything between 1.5 hours (short lesson) and 6 hours (super intensive lesson). If you need even more flexibility, check out the LTL Super Flexible Chinese Program.


Where is LTL Shanghai located?

Located right in the Former French Concession, LTL is about 250 metres from Yongkang Lu and a two minute walk from Shaanxi South Road Subway Station (Lines 1, 2 and 12).

Shaanxi South Street subway station is two subway stops away from both People’s Square and Jingan Temple. The area is full of bars, restaurants and shops.

Our full address in English is:
Shanghai, Xuhui District, Xiangyang South Rd. Modern Mansion, Tower A, Unit 910   
Phone: +86 (0)21 33680866.
If you take a taxi, tell the driver to go to Xiangyang Nan Lu and Fuxing Zhong Lu (襄阳南路 / 复兴中路).
The school is located right at the intersection of the two roads.

In Chinese the address is: 上海市徐汇区襄阳南路218号现代大厦A座910室.

Do I need a regular study schedule?

Firstly, sticking to a regular schedule is not only good for maintaining the self-discipline needed to learn a language quickly, but also ensures that students can get into a “study rhythm” – which in our experience is essential if you want to make real progress in the language.

Moreover, LTL teachers are professionals who do not just teach for fun, but made a choice to teach Mandarin as a career.

This is great in terms of getting a teacher that’s reliable, motivated and experienced.

However, like any professional, our teachers need and deserve a reliable work schedule and an income that actually allows them to live, rent and eat in Shanghai.

So to make sure that a teacher can reserve his or her time for you when you want to study, a regular study schedule is needed.

Saying that, we do offer very flexible terms for this schedule.

You can request to change this schedule – subject to availability within at least two weeks, but often much faster.

Students can move or cancel up to 30% of their scheduled classes without having to pay for any of them, as long as they notify us at least six hours in advance during working times (9am to 6pm).

How many classes a week do you recommend?

In general Mandarin Chinese is more of a “sprint” than a “marathon” language, because it is very easy to forget words unless you hear/use/review them again quite soon after you learned them.

That means it is usually much more effective to study more intensively for a shorter period than sporadically for a longer period.

It is of course up to the student to decide on this and our Chinese school can offer any schedule a student wants.

However, according to our experience, for any kind of real progress a student usually needs at least two sessions per week at two hours each session.

Anyone who wants to make really quick progress towards fluency should consider at least eight hours of class per week.

If there is a risk that you’ll be out of Shanghai sometimes on business trips or holidays, then it might be necessary to schedule even more classes to at least maintain that average.

What often works well in our experience is planning intensive study periods for a limited length of time.

Many of our students spend a few months studying intensively to reach the Mandarin level they need, and afterwards start to focus again on other areas of their life – stopping or strongly reducing classroom hours. Doing an intensive Complete Immersion program in a smaller Chinese city for a week can also be a very effective way to get your Chinese ahead.

How long are classes valid for?

If you purchase up to 100 individual Chinese classes your classes are valid for a full two years from the date the invoice was issued.

If you purchase more than 100 hours of individual classes in one go they will be valid forever and never expire.

Can you also teach during lunchtime?

Yes, of course we can.

There are no surcharges for taking classes at any particular time of day – mornings, evenings, weekends, lunchtimes.

Your Chinese tutor in Shanghai can also travel to your office during your lunch break.

Please note though that the minimum duration of a class is 1.5 hours. If you want to book classes shorter than that, please have a look at the LTL Super Flexible Chinese program.

Can I change teacher if I want?

As we spend a lot of time preparing a course, choosing the right Chinese teacher and creating a personal study plan for each student is key.

It is very rare in our experience that a student wants to change teachers after starting the program.

Should you however feel you need to change to another Mandarin teacher, this is of course possible at any point and we will do this free of charge.

How long are the classes?

As it takes a bit of time to get into the “Chinese learning mode” we recommend that classes during the week last at least two hours, and at least three to four hours at the weekend.

However it is also possible to book classes for as short as 1.5 hours.

If you want to book a lesson that is even shorter than that, please have a look at the LTL Super Flexible Chinese program.

How do I pay?

It is possible to pay LTL in cash at our Shanghai school, via local or international bank transfers, WeChat Pay or Alipay.

What our students say about LTL

David Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The teachers were fantastic, I’d recommend them anytime, they know what they are talking about and do their job passionately.

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Christina Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

No matter how old you are, which nationality you have and what is your reason to study Chinese – you are always welcome in the LTL family.

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AJ Warner Testimony for LTL
AJ Warner
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

AJ has kindly provided LTL with a video of his time studying Chinese at our school. fitting Chinese into his daily schedule takes commitment.

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Vanessa  Testimony for LTL
Costa Rica
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Our teacher is great. She is very experienced and talkative in class; and I understand her clearly. I'm planning to continue studying Chinese for sure. 

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Miguel Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Really satified with my teachers and experience with LTL Mandarin School - Shanghai. The teachers are very professional.

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