Flexible Chinese Classes in Shanghai

Working in Shanghai is often not only challenging, but also comes along with business trips, evening meetings and other unforeseen events, that make it difficult to follow a regular language program. That is why LTL offers a very popular “Super Flexible Chinese Classes Program” in Shanghai. This course gives you the option to study whenever you are free and cancel classes at very short notice, without having to pay for them.

Individual classes are tailored according to the student’s needs and study goals, from survival Chinese to specialist industry-specific Chinese.

Flexible Chinese Classes in Shanghai

  • Super flexible private Chinese classes
  • Certified Chinese Teachers
  • No transport charges within Line 1
  • Cancel up to 2 hrs in advance at no cost
  • Schedule a class up to 6 hrs in advance

If you are very busy with an unpredictable work schedule, and/or travel a lot throughout the year, then this is the course for you.

  • Super Flexible

    Super Flexible

    Cancel classes: No charge for cancellations up to 2 hours in advance

    Arrange classes on short notice: We only need to know 6 hours in advance
    Personalised Study Plan: Focus on your specific needs during class

  • Only the Best Teachers

    Only the Best Teachers

    Professional: Career professionals with years of experience
    English speaking: All teachers speak English
    Fun Classes: Interactive teaching based on your learning style

  • Shanghai’s Best Chinese School

    Shanghai’s Best Chinese School

    HSK Exam Center: LTL is an accredited HSK exam center
    Trusted: Accredited by the governments of China, Germany and Sweden
    International: Foreign-run school with international business approach

  • Learn Chinese Fast

    Learn Chinese Fast

    Fast Language Progress: Intensive study combined with flexibility
    Structured Programs: Preplanned modular classes
    Online Discounts: Get the LTL Online Chinese Kit for FREE

The Fine Print

During working hours (Mon – Fri 9am to 6pm) students can cancel up to two hours before their class is due to start or schedule a class with only six hours notice. You can meet your teacher either at LTL Mandarin School Shanghai in the French Concessions or in your office/home/favourite coffee shop. The decision is entirely up to you and adds to the flexibility of the Super Flexible Chinese Program.

What’s more, there are no teacher transportation charges for any location on Line 1. While we usually recommend that classes last at least 90 minutes for optimal progress, with the Super Flexible Program it is possible to book only 1 hour sessions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Super Flexible Chinese Classes.

Super Flexible Chinese Classes – Pricing

Please see the following table for the Super Flexible class pricing:

Number of hours >100 0-100
Price in CNY 200 220

If you do not want to study in our classrooms at LTL Shanghai, then these prices already include all transportation charges for classes taken at locations on Line 1. For other locations a reasonable transport charge might apply, depending on the exact location.

All courses include a free Chinese language assessment, all study materials and a personalised study plan focusing on the subjects that are most important to you – whether that’s business lingo, Chinese cultural insights or help with fixing your tones. Ultimately the aim of the course is to help you achieve your goals with learning Chinese as quickly as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Until when do I need to use my super flexible Chinese classes in Shanghai?
If you book up to 100 hours of super flexible Chinese classes they will be valid for a full two years. If you book more than one hundred, they will be valid forever and never expire.
Do I need to follow a schedule?

No you do not. It is possible to arrange each class individually. However, for the sake of making steady progress and having a tangible study target, we do advise you to agree on a study schedule at the beginning with one particular teacher, and then try to follow that schedule as far as possible.

Can you issue Fapiaos?

Yes of course we can. However, because Chinese tax regulations are incredibly complex, annoying and sometimes simply do not make sense, we need to know that you want a Fapiao and to whom it should be issued before you start your Mandarin course. Please note that in China Fapiaos can only be issued to Chinese companies with a Chinese name. However, a normal invoice and receipt can also be issued at a later point and to any entity you want to, including companies with names in languages other than Mandarin.


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