Partake in a once in a lifetime opportunity and come to Shanghai for a year to spend a year in High School.

Enjoy one or two semesters at a high school affiliated to one of Shanghai’s top universities.

Shanghai is the biggest and most populated city in China with a wealth of possibilities and opportunities.

  • Affiliated to one of China’s top universities
  • Established in 1954
  • Roughly 1500 students
  • 10 minutes walk to subway stop
  • Roughly 20 minutes to city centre

Students with any Chinese level can apply to study at a high school in Shanghai.

It is the perfect place to make friends from around the world, enhance your Chinese and explore a city with endless things to do.

Shanghai University High School

Come and be a part of something amazing and enjoy a High School in Shanghai program that will become a life changing experience.

Joining a high school in China can help students make huge steps forward not just with Chinese, but with understanding over cultures, making friends from all backgrounds and discovering a city thriving towards huge levels.

The Shanghai University High School is linked with one of Shanghai’s top universities which can boast over 60 years of history and around 1,500 students to their name currently.

PLEASE NOTE – There is no requirement for current Chinese level. If you are a complete beginner with Chinese, you are still more than welcome to join our high school in Shanghai program.

The high school in Shanghai is conveniently located 10 minutes from a Subway Stop on the Shanghai Metro. This is about 20 minutes travel from the centre of Shanghai.

The School boasts an International department which splits into two Semesters:

High School in Shanghai – Age Requirements

The High School in Shanghai accepts international students between 14-19 years old interested in attending one or two semesters.

High School in Shanghai Program – Sample Week

After a year at a High School in Shanghai we believe students could achieve anything between HSK 4 and HSK 6 level.

Below is an idea as to how lessons are set out at our High School in Shanghai.

PLEASE NOTE – for more information about the curriculum please contact us.

Semester #1

07:50 – 08:30ListeningGeneral ChineseGeneral ChineseGeneral ChineseGeneral Chinese
08:40 – 09:20SportSportGeneral ChineseSportGeneral Chinese
09:40 – 10:20MusicMath – CalculusScienceListeningGeneral Chinese
10:35 – 11:15ListeningMath – CalculusScienceArtGeneral Chinese
13:10 – 13:50General ChineseGrammarGeneral ChineseGeneral ChineseListening
14:00 – 14:40ArtListeningGeneral ChineseGeneral ChineseStudents Meeting
14:55 – 15:35General ChineseGeneral ChineseComputer @ LibraryGeneral ChineseFREE

Semester #2

07:50 – 08:30GeographyScienceEnglishEnglishEnglish
08:40 – 09:20SportSportEnglishSportEnglish
09:40 – 10:20ScienceScienceChinese LiteratureMathsGeography
10:35 – 11:15MusicHistoryChinese LiteratureMathsArt
13:10 – 13:50HistoryChinese LiteratureChinese LiteratureEnglishHistory
14:00 – 14:40MathsChinese LiteratureGeneral ChineseHistoryStudents Meeting
14:55 – 15:35MathsChinese LiteratureComputer @ LibraryMathsFREE

High School in Shanghai – Prices and Starting Dates


One Semester110,621 CNY
Two Semester176,993 CNY


SeasonStart DatesEnd Dates
Spring Term 2024Feb 19 2024Jul 4 2024
Fall Term 2024Sep 9 2024Jan 3 2025
Spring Term 2025Feb 3 2024Jul 6 2024

Note: Minor changes in the dates are possible, as the Education Ministry sometimes adjusts school starting dates by a few days. We will be in touch if this is the case


Here is a list of potential extras you can add onto the program which include a preparation month at LTL. This will stand you in greater stead when it comes to confidence speaking and understanding Chinese.


  • High School Tuition and placement
  • Dormitory accommodation
    • Each dormitory accommodates 2-4 students
    • Rooms are furnished and have telephones equipped
  • Legal Guardian Program for the duration of the stay
  • Visa invitation
  • Orientation Day at LTL Shanghai
  • DHL Service for Visa Letters from LTL
  • Survival Kit (includes Airport Pick up)
  • Airport Drop off

Not Included

  • Meals
  • Visa fees (visa issuance)
  • School uniform and books: approx 4000 CNY (1 Semester)
  • Spring Festival Break Accommodation
  • International Health Insurance
  • International Flights (your location to Shanghai)


Are there any extra curriculum activities?

Yes there are but they can vary each season.

Generally you can expect activities such as Sports, Calligraphy, English, Drama etc.We can help get this set up if anything takes an interest.

Can my parents come and visit me in China?

Yes they can no problem.

Your parents are welcome to visit you in China at any time. We can also help them with their visa invitations and organization of the trip.

Are there any rules at the homestay I should adhere to?

Our homestays are lovely places to be but of course, general tidiness, politeness and genuine etiquette around the house are important.

You may help around the house with little chores here and there but just being kind and respectable on a daily basis is all that will be asked.

Is there a school uniform for children to wear?

Yes all Chinese schools have their own uniforms.

Can I use a Phone at school?

No, this is strictly forbidden during class but before or after any class this is no problem.

If there is any emergency at any stage, the school phones can be used.

If I have problems, who do I talk to?

We are always here to help you!

In addition to your high school, you will be part of the LTL social community here and we organize events, dinners and trips every week. We will see each other regularly, but if you have a problem, call us or come by our office at any time.

Many issues we will be able to help you solve over a cup of tea in our office, but for anything serious we of course also offer 24/7 emergency support.

How do I use Whatsapp/Facebook which are banned?

Firstly, you will definitely need a WeChat account when living and studying in China.

This will be your “whatsapp in China“.

For your other apps that are banned, you will need a VPN.

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