You can now Learn Chinese online completely free with us here at LTL Mandarin School.

But how?

  • Learn Chinese Online Free with LTL
  • Lessons taught in Simplified Chinese
  • Can take part from anywhere in the world
  • Classes are live on Facebook
  • 30-90 minutes per class
  • Monday and/or Thursday

Anyone, anywhere in the world can join our live, free Chinese online classes!

Our free online classes will be available no matter where you are based in the world. Classes will all take place on our Facebook page, live.

All classes will teach Simplified Mandarin and not Traditional Chinese.

PLEASE NOTE – Be sure to check the schedule below. Times are listed in CHINA TIME check with your timezone accordingly.

All Welcome

It Won’t Last Long – Don’t miss a great chance to improve your Chinese, for absolutely nothing! But it won’t last long!
Expert Teachers – Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it lacks quality. All our teachers are 100% certified and professional

100% Free, No Catches

Chat to Us – Got questions? No problem. Speak to us, you are all absolutely welcome to be a part of this special offer.
Times and Dates – Listed below. Please make a careful note of them and your time difference compared to China

Learn Chinese Online Free – Key Details

Seems too good to be true doesn’t it. 

Some things in life really are free. No money, no subscription, no card details. Just head over to our Facebook page and join us live!

The free classes will remain available until further notice.

All classes will teach simplified Chinese characters and not traditional Chinese. Simplified Mandarin is found on the mainland, whilst Taiwan and Hong Kong feature Traditional.

Free Online Chinese Lessons – When?

Our FREE Chinese Online Lessons take place LIVE on our Facebook page every week.

Free Online Chinese Classes
No classes scheduled at the moment

Every month a new schedule. You can join our free classes at any stage, any time!

In the past few month we have had free classes three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Even though we now have a different schedule, you can still watch ALL previous lessons in neatly organised study playlists on our Facebook page.

Learn Chinese Online Free – Live on Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete beginner – can I partake?

Absolutely, no matter where you are in the world, your age, or nationality, you are welcome to join our free online classes.

My timezone is inconvenient, what can I do?

As all the classes are on Facebook live you can go back and re-watch them so in theory, starting time does not matter!

How long are the free classes?

Classes last between 30 minutes and one hour.

What days of the week do you offer free classes?

Generally Monday and Thursday, if this changes we will inform you on this page.

Can I book individual lessons with the Facebook teacher?

You can indeed, but it will depend on the teachers availability.

How long will you offer Free Online Chinese Classes

For now, indefinitely!

I am an advanced learner, can I still partake?

You can but most content is tailored towards earlier levels of Mandarin.

We do also offer some free cultural lessons which may also be of interest.

Do I need anything to join?

Is all you need is a Facebook account.

Can I just watch and not join in?

Absolutely, just watch live on our Facebook channel if you don’t wish to speak.

What if I want more regular classes?

You can join one of our Online Program for a more structured course and regular lessons.

Have a look at our brand new Flexi Classes, where you get to choose your teacher, your lessons and your schedule.

Classes run 24/7 so we definitely have something for you.

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