Learn Chinese Free – Not just a dream, but a reality!

As one of the best Chinese language school out there you probably already heard about our LTL programs, but did you know we also offer free Chinese classes online?

As a matter of fact we are also developing other language courses, with Shanghainese and Vietnamese already available, if you’d prefer to use your 3 free classes for these languages.

COMING SOON – Japanese & Korean Flexi Classes.

Claiming your 3 free hours on Flexi Classes is pretty simple, keep reading for step by steps instructions.

Speaking of learning Chinese for free, we have dozens of video lessons available to watch and re-watch on our Facebook page. Go check them out too!

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Cheap? – Not even just cheap – it’s completely FREE
Study materials – No additional costs
All inclusive – No hidden costs or other charges
No Cost – Only requires an internet connection

Our Lessons

Structured – The LTL Online Curriculum in unrivalled
Effective – Speak, study and listen during class
On time – We always start and finish classes on time
Face to face – See and speak with your teacher online

Our Top Teachers

Real live teacher – There is no better way to learn
Great Teachers – The best Chinese teachers there are
Certified – All LTL teachers are fully certified
Experienced – 1000’s of hours of teaching experience

Study Online

Software – We use the fastest software available
Support – We can help with tech trouble shooting
High Tech – Interactive white boards, private chat etc.
Fast – Best internet speed available


Who would have thought that China’s most established Chinese language school would ever offer an option to learn Chinese free, but here we are!

We are offering free online Chinese group lessons with a real live LTL teacher free of charge to anyone who wants to learn Mandarin.

Want to know how much HSK vocabulary you understand?


#1 – SIGN UP

The sign up process will only take a few minutes.

Click on the button below to open the sign up page.

Fill in your details, then select the Program “Tester 3 Lessons”.


Enter the promo code – 3HRSFREE

You will need a credit card to sign up but you WILL NOT be charged. The final invoice will show zero.

You can only enter the promo code ONCE, so make sure you don’t forget to use it.


After the sign up process, you will immediately receive 3 free credits.

Use these credits to book a class under “BOOK A CLASS” on the top menu of your account.

  • 1 credit = 1 group class
  • 3 credits = 1 individual class


As mentioned in the instructions, you will need a credit card to sign up on Flexi Classes, but don’t worry! You WILL NOT be charged. The sign up process requires a credit card but you will be able to remove it after your account is created, under the “My Credits” category. On the contrary if you’d like to continue with Flexi Classes, you can change and update your subscription in the same category.

The promo code can only be used once, and entered ONLY during the sign up process. It cannot be entered later on, so make sure you don’t forget it.

Do not refresh the page or use the “back” buttons as you only have one opportunity to enter the promo code. You have to complete the registration in one go once you entered your email, otherwise you will not receive your free credits.

Please make sure to show up for the classes you book. Flexi Classes are taught by real professional teachers, so if you do not turn up and you are the only student in the class (which often happens since our classes are very small), your teacher will sit an hour alone in front of their computer waiting for you. You cancel your class under “My Classes” with just one click.



Where are your free classes?

Our free classes take place on our online teaching platform: Flexi Classes.

We offer lessons for multiple Asian languages 24/7 for all levels. No matter how busy you might be, we will always have a class for you.

Why do you teach Chinese free?

This is a very good question. 

We are a Chinese language school, we pay our teachers well and spend a lot of money to offer high quality Chinese language education both off and online.

The answer is simple though: We got tired of paying Google for doing nothing. For a company to be visible on the internet it usually buys adverts on Google, Facebook etc. so people can find their products.

These adverts have become ridiculously expensive and we always wondered if that is what our customers really want.

Wouldn’t they prefer if we spent the money instead to create something that they can actually use instead of being shown an advert? So our aim is to get visibility on the internet by offering something nobody else does: Completely free, live online Chinese lessons taught by certified professional Chinese language teachers.

Our aim is to provide such a good product that you will be telling your friends about it or maybe post about the course somewhere on the internet.

You of course do not have to, but in case you did, it is much appreciated.

Can I join several different free classes?

Yes you can. You will get 3 free credits on Flexi Classes. With these credits you can book 3 Chinese group classes, or 2 Chinese group classes and 1 Vietnamese group class…. Possibilities are numerous.

Just keep in mind that one group class costs one credit.

What do I need to join?

You need a working internet connection at least.

However, we recommend for you to use a PC with a webcam to join the classes. Also make sure you have a stable internet connection, are in a quiet environment and preferably use a headset.

What if I miss a class?

If you miss a class you cannot get it back, unfortunately. If you can’t make it, please make sure to cancel the class.

If you cancel more than 72h in advance you will get your credit back. If you cancel last minute you will not get your credit back.

When are your free Chinese classes?

That is the beauty of it! Once you sign up and get your 3 free hours, you can sign up to any class in the future. You make your own schedule.

However, you will need to complete the bookings in the next 30 days after receiving your credits, as they are only available for a month. But just to be clear, your classes can be in the next week, or months.

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