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Our Learn Chinese Online Free page puts together plenty of free resources and tips for you to start your learning mandarin journey.

Learning Mandarin seems like a daunting task at first. It’s so different from European languages and doesn’t have an alphabet.

But to make things easier for you we’ve created a learn mandarin pdf available for download and lots of learn Chinese images, blogs and much more that you can access for free!

All to help you plan your learning goals, learn new grammar and vocabulary and to learn about Chinese culture too.

To get started, let’s take a look at our free eBook…

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Free Mandarin Ebook for Beginners

Free Mandarin Chinese eBook for Beginners

The eBook consists of top tips from ten Mandarin languages experts about how to get started learning Chinese and how to learn from their own mistakes.

LTL’s founder Andreas Laimboeck is featured in the book too, giving advice on how to learn mandarin twice as fast as he did.

So where do you begin when in comes to learning mandarin? Should you start learning Chinese characters from the get go, or focus on pinyin and the pronunciation? Should you focus on building vocabulary or learning sample sentences?

There are plenty of questions when you start learning any new language.

Fortunately our ten experts are here to help. All of your beginner questions and more will be answered. So what are you waiting for?

Download your copy below and get learning mandarin! It’s completely free, so enjoy the read!

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More Learning Mandarin Resources

We have plenty more resources to help you on the way with your learning mandarin journey.

Learn Chinese Online Free – Plants

Learn all the names for different plants in Chinese, as well as their significance in Chinese tradition:

Learn Chinese Online Free – Idioms

Learn some idioms in mandarin to really impress your Chinese friends with your knowledge. We give you more information the idioms, such as the stories behind them to help you understand and remember them!

Learn Chinese Online Free – Animal Names

Learn some funny animal names in Chinese and how they literally translate into English:


Learn Chinese Online Free – Memes

There’s nothing like a meme or a funny image to help you get a some Chinese grammar into your head:

Learn Chinese Through Video

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